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We have prepared a Ready eCommerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person.

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Whether your business is big or small, we cater to your projects. Coming from different creative backgrounds, we understand the needs of working together and by being small, we can go into details.

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I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for all the support. I learn a lot from reading your suggestions.

Finas Sufri


Your product is affordable, I love the customizations I can do with it, and it works.

Huda Abdullah


I've seen you grow and have witnessed the changes from minor updates to major updates. Thanks for doing what you do, thanks for building this site.

Mohd Faizal


Information Gathering
Discovering and Researching 65%
How the entire site will look like 71%
Information structure, Visualize content 80%
Content Writing and Assembly
Catching headlines, text editing, writing new text 73%
SEO is the optimization of website elements 50%
Testing, Review and Launch
Check and re-check your website 74%
To detect possible problems the end-users face. 80%

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Butterfly Effect Project Shop is an eCommerce platform supporting creative, local & sustainable services & products by local vendors.

Buy . Sell. Get. Give. Teach. Learn

Small is the new Big

There is no way to predict which outcome will occur. Classrooms have no walls, students are never late, and classes are always in session.

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