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Searching a combination in science and nature to deliver high quality formulas to understand and assist plants with different ailments and concerns.

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– Organic & Safe for pets.

– has fungicidal and other antimicrobial properties.

– inhibits bacterial and fungal growth through biocidal modes of action.

– to prevent the degradation of other
active ingredients.

– Primarily used as a fungicide, bactericide and algicide. Used as a seed treatment and a post-harvest handling fungicide. Also used with various essential oils as an insect repellent.

1. Give Seeds a Better Start
2. Increase Nutrient Absorption
3. Prevent Root Shock
4. Deter Pests Naturally
5. Add Vibrancy
6. Boost Flavor
7. Grow a Lush Lawn
8. Heal Your Houseplants
9. Produce More Roses


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Solitree Stimulant

800ml SPRAY, 100gr POWDER


500g Pack Solitree Soil, 50 Butterfly Cash

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